September 17, 2014

Royal Blue Wedding

When I first met with Linda, she enthusiastically told me she wanted bird cage centerpieces and royal blue flowers. She had seen my bird cages from a previous event and very much wanted them to be customized for her wedding day. And since I'm always on board with anything bird cage or lantern related, I was excited. As for her royal blue flowers, I highly suggested we use blue delphinium because they naturally have a beautiful cobalt hue. I tend to stay away from dyed flowers which is a common option for royal blue weddings. A popular candidate is royal blue dyed roses, which I'm not too fond of since they look obviously dyed. What can I say -- nature does it best and I'm strongly biased. So be prepared for concentrated pops of blue as I present my version of a royal blue wedding.

One of my favorite wedding day packaging practices includes finding a nice vessel for the boutonnieres. The container will usually be related to the theme and colors of the wedding. 

In this scenario, I was sold on this blue wicker basket. And I can't help but line the bottom with moss. I'm one moss obsessed lady. 

And don't get me started on this grey ribbon. I love it so much I have two spools of it at the store. Why? Because I have yet to see anything that doesn't look good with it. Ribbon winning at it's finest.

Sigh... the bridal bouquet. I was a little worried about how she would hold up in the heat but she did fantastic. Especially since she was built with some ever sensitive tulips. Throwing in some strong brunia and delphinium was a good life decision. She's definitely one of my favorites.

The bridesmaid bouquets were similar in design except I swapped the tulips out for some spray roses. Just like the bridal bouquet, these girls liked getting their picture taken too. 

After a couple trips unloading and braving some coastal winds, our drapery was up! With each gig, I grow ever grateful for the invention of zip ties.

A close-up of the large arrangements adorning the ceremony trellis. I was very happy my supplier was able to get me such pretty blue delphinium. 

Bird cage aisle decor to escort the bride to her groom with fabric swag to boot. Gotta love the brick work of this courtyard.

My centerpieces happily sitting at their tables ready to greet guests. The table linens matched the florals beautifully. 

And then there was the cake. The two silver bird cake topper was my favorite part. And of course a baby birdcage because I just had to.

I must say the Long Beach Museum of Art is quite the venue. Just look at how it looks at night too!

If you're looking for a beach wedding that's by the beach but not quite on the beach, then I would highly suggest this place.

Many thanks to my friend Tang for all her help and supplying the majority of the photos for this post :) I was very happy with how this wedding turned out and would very much love to visit this venue again. 

Venue: Long Beach Museum of Art {Long Beach, CA}

September 13, 2014

Let's Pop Some Bubbly

September has been crazy. But the good kind of crazy. Between preparing for this month's events and dressing my store, I am happy to announce that I'm going to stick with September 27th for my Grand Opening! So if you find yourself by 922 E. Las Tunas Dr. on that day between 11am and 3pm, please feel free to pop in and say hello! 

On another note, this week has been filled with treasure hunting. Per a friend's suggestion, I went to my local Savers to find knick knacks and loved all my buys. Here's just a peek at my bounty:

I also finally pulled the trigger on some decor items downtown. For weeks I would walk by the same aisle, coo over the same items and put them back on the shelf... But not this time! And while I was on that high I figured I'd pick up a second round of silk flowers. I got back to my store and did a test run of my front display and I gotta say I'm quite excited. There is still so much to do, but for now some sleep is in order. Good night! :)  

September 10, 2014

Up, Up & Away

A couple months ago, a florist friend and I were catching up and discussing the projects we were working on. He showed me a picture of what his client wanted -- it was a beautiful hot air balloon centerpiece. I remember thinking it looked like such an intricate piece and wondered how I would go about making it. After wishing him good luck, we parted ways.

Fast forward to late July, and I was approached by a wedding planner to help accomplish her client's vision. She told me the theme was "Come Fly Away with Me" and that the bride wanted hot air balloon centerpieces. I scrolled a little further down the email and lo and behold attached was the picture my friend showed me the month prior. I was excited to add such a concept to my portfolio but I was also intimated with the execution. How was I going to achieve that floating balloon look? My first thought was helium but in the end I decided I didn't want to deal with the balloons possibly deflating midway during the reception. Out of ideas, I reached out to my aforementioned friend and he suggested I make a balloon stand. After fiddling with this centerpiece for an hour -- success! And by far the longest I have ever spent on a centerpiece. This was mostly because I wanted the hot air balloons to be very detailed -- even down to the dangling sand bags.

And here are the 75% completed centerpieces. The golden rings are part of the stand that holds the balloon up. Patent pending. 

Business was as per usual for the other aspects of this wedding. I loved the floral recipe for the bridal bouquet which included hydrangea, roses, stock and my ever favorite ranunculus!

I love the lighting in my store. It lets me take pretty detail shots like these.

Obligatory florist holding the bouquet shot. My hands were shaky. I have yet to master this style of photography. Haha.

And enter the bridesmaid bouquet. I loved that the bride asked for a pop of pink between the sea of purple and ivory. 

The groom's only request was to have an orchid on his boutonniere. Grooms usually don't ask for much so I had to oblige.

Groomsmen swag. I wanted these to match the groom's somewhat, but added a spray rose accent to differentiate. You know, just in case the bride is using this as the only means to identify her future husband. 

And lastly, dad's get a purple rose too but theirs is adorned with some button mums simply because they're awesome.

I also had a chance to step up my wrist corsage game. Gotta love my growing ribbon collection. 

Everyone happily tucked away and ready for delivery!

One of my favorite sweetheart table arrangements EVER. 

Butterflies kept getting on the flowers but I didn't mind...

After some touch ups our hot air balloons safely landed at the Pacific Palms Resort. I also want to take a beat to mention that all the hot air balloon nets were made by the mother of the bride! I told her to start an Etsy account stat. 

I don't know if I've mentioned on this blog how much I love the color purple. But this wedding was purple perfection for me, including this tulle treatment of the sweetheart table.

And lastly the purple paradise dessert table!

Many congrats to the bride & groom! This wedding was quite the challenge but there's always that extra feeling of goodness once everything comes together :) 

Venue: Pacific Palms Resort {City of Industry, CA}

September 3, 2014

State of the Storefront II

After a second visit from our gracious city inspector, I am happy to announce that we have officially passed inspection!! I originally wanted to have a grand opening party before my September weddings but with the timing of things, I decided it'd be better to focus on my events first before planning a celebration.

But other than that, all furniture for the store has been acquired and assembled. I'm moved in for the most part minus some vases here and there. All I have left to do is decorate. Now in theory, decorating should be the fun, easy part but since I was previously focused on trying to get the store ready for inspection, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Literally, my mind was just blank. So I've been kinda waiting for inspiration to hit me and luckily during one of those nights where my mind is just racing, a light bulb finally turned on. So in between my weddings for the next two weeks, I plan on decorating up a storm and I can't wait to show you all during the Grand Opening -- most likely 9/27 but no promises yet until that invite is in your inbox!

August 25, 2014


I woke up Thursday morning and groggily glanced over at my phone to check for emails. I did a double take at my notification bar when I saw that one of my June brides had reviewed my services! And on top of that she attached photos with her kind words. It was like Christmas.  

Bridal bouquet featuring peonies & lavender
Side view!
Groom succulent boutonniere with lavender and burlap accent
Even though my client's order only consisted of bouquets and boutonnieres (aka "personals"), I wanted to make sure she felt taken care of just as much as any other wedding with the whole shebang. I've read horror stories on Yelp where unhappy customers reported feeling less prioritized when they send their florist considered their order small. That kind of review is something I hope to never see on my page. I understand not everyone can afford a Kim Kardashian flower wall or if they prefer to channel their money towards a mortgage instead. But that shouldn't mean their day is any less special.

Bridesmaid lavender bouquet
So whether you're throwing a ball or having a civil ceremony, just know that we got your floral pretty covered ;) 

{Photography by Elaine King of George Street Photo & Video}

July 24, 2014

State of the Storefront

I got off the phone feeling the biggest sigh of relief I have felt in a while. My walk-in cooler was up and running. You might think it's crazy for someone to get so excited over a refrigerator so here's the story. When I first even thought about opening a store, my biggest deterrent was figuring out the logistics of sourcing and building such a big, but much needed monster. I knew it was going to be expensive so instead of going on that vacation to somewhere tropical and wonderful, I saved.

After a weekend of research we were able to find a second-hand cooler for a pretty dang good deal. And thanks to the sheer will of my good friend's dad and two trips, this beast was disassembled and transported from a pizza restaurant in Hollywood to my store. Oh and please note that since this cooler wasn't brand new... it was dirty and smelled so so bad. It took 3 days for my dear family to completely clean it. I was only able to participate in one cleaning day so I owe them a little bit short of everything, especially my mom.

And now it's fully assembled and ready to house many, many flowers (Huge thanks to the same friend's dad who was aforementioned and his accomplice). No longer will I have to be paranoid about waking up to find my centerpieces dead from the heat--not that this ever happened but in my nightmares it did. What a sense of security.

I'm also happy to report that my signage has been finalized and I picked up my business cards! Now I just have to get more furniture/move some furniture around/find knick knacks for decoration/pot some planters/pot orchids and succulents/pass inspection and I'll be set. This all doesn't seem too bad now that the cooler has a big check mark next to it :)

July 17, 2014

Vessel Haul

After getting some construction plans approved by the city, a big load was taken off of my mind. This development freed up a bit of extra time for me so I decided to take my family to the flower district one morning. While my mom and uncle strolled around and bought plants, I found these treasures!

It all started when I walked by one of my usual vase vendors. I noticed that she no longer carried an urn I had previously used for a mock-up for an upcoming wedding. After perusing new inventory I was able to find a similar one which I thought was even better than the original vase. So after confirming with the bride, I quickly made my purchase.   

But while searching for my replacement urn, I stumbled upon this beauty. I usually don't stock up on vessels that haven't been ordered for a wedding, but this one... I just couldn't resist. So I bought two cases.

I mean just look at that scalloped trim and textured detail. I was a goner.. I didn't stand a chance.. One glance and I was already reaching for my wallet.

The following piece of glassware was purchased on a different day, but I figured I'd mash these happenings into one cohesive post. Again, the scalloped trim drew me in. I figured this would sit pretty in the store so I adopted them. 

And that's about it! A somewhat reflective post about my obsession with all things scallop-y. Until next time :)